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Broadsky LTE POTS Replacement

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Join us to learn about selling LTE POTS Replacement and Broad Sky's new product LTE POTS Replacement + Internet (Two Solutions | One Box).

POTS Replacement Update - Current Market and Forecast

  • Market research indicates 35Million POTS lines still in service at an average of $60/line..$2.1BN in MRC!
  • Increasing POTS now at an average of $60/month. Regional trends are much higher.
  • New POTS service is almost impossible to source.​​​​​​​
  • Fire Alarms, Elevators, and Security access systems REQUIRE a standalone line to service them.

The Solution: Broad Sky LTE POTS Replacement
- Available anywhere in the country
- Identical functionality
- Meets all UL and Fire Marshal requirements
- Price locked-for Life!